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Corsair SF600 Platinum PSU Review: Setting The SFX Performance Bar Higher
Corsair's new SF600 Platinum is notably more expensive than the older SF600 Gold. So, is the price premium worth paying?
Best VR Headsets for Gaming and PC 2019
Here are the best VR headsets for PC ranging from $400 to $800 - these are truly the ultimate gaming peripherals.
Gigabyte X399 Aorus Xtreme Review: Overclocking Without Compromise
How does AMD's top-end 2990WX perform in a full-fledged recent X399 offering? Spoiler Alert: Gigabyte learned a thing or two and the X399 Aorus Xtreme board gets it right.
Show Me the Gimmicks: Surprising Monitor Features Coming in 2019
Check out the wacky add-on features vendors are packing into PC monitors in 2019.
Best Graphics Cards for Gaming in 2019
Here are the best gaming GPUs for the money. These graphics cards offer the best performance at their price and resolution, from 1080p to 4K.
9 Cheap CPUs (Under $130) Tested and Ranked
You can get a high-quality processor for less than $70. We tested several cheap CPUs to help you find the right one.
Best CPUs for Desktop Applications 2019
We've compiled a list of processors that represent the best bang for your buck in common productivity tasks. AMD dominates the scorecard.
Best Gaming CPUs for 2019
Here are the best gaming CPUs for the money. These processors offer the best performance at their price and are suitable for overclocking.
Best Power Supplies 2019
Here are the best power supplies for gaming PCs. These PSUs offer the best reliability, performance and protection for your components.
Best Gaming Laptops of 2019
Here are our favorite gaming laptops for every need, based on our testing and reviews.
Best Gaming Desktops 2019
We tested pre-built gaming desktop PCs with our typical gauntlet of real-world and synthetic benchmarks to measure overall system performance.
Team Group Delta Tuf Gaming RGB DDR4-3200: a Good Value, for Asus Boards
Team Group embraces the Asus TUF Gaming Alliance with an RGB-lighted 2x8GB DDR4-3200 CAS 16 DDR4 memory kit. How well does it compete against existing models?
Tom's Hardware CES 2019 Awards: From 7nm Chips to Robot Butlers
This year’s CES was dominated by chips, as Nvidia and AMD unveiled new GPUs. Team red also showed off its third-generation Ryzen platform, while new companies got into the monitor game.
Into The 7nm Era: An Interview With AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su
We had a chance to sit down with AMD CEO Lisa Su to discuss the company’s successes over the last year and its plans for the future.
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Review: Is Mainstream Ray Tracing For Real?
GeForce RTX 2060 pushes Nvidia's Turing architecture to the upper-mid-range using a familiar TU106 processor.
MSI Optix MAG341CQ Curved Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor Review: A Price Breakthrough
Curved ultra-wide gaming monitors are becoming ever-more popular with gamers. Today, we’re reviewing the MSI Optix MAG341CQ, a value option with QHD resolution, FreeSync, 100Hz and a wide color gamut.
Best Motherboards 2019: For Gaming, by Socket and Chipset
Here are the best motherboards for Intel and AMD’s top processors. These boards offer great features, overclocking performance and pricing.
Liquid Nitrogen, CPU Solder and High Voltage: How I Set Overclocking Records
Top-ranked overclocker Allen “Splave” Golibersuch explains how he breaks records and why you should care, even if you aren’t going to pour LN2 on your CPU.
Nvidia's 2020 GPUs Will Reportedly Use Samsung’s 7nm EUV Process
Nvidia to become another major customer of Samsung's 7nm EUV.
ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 9 Review: The 2.5GbE Value Play
The middle ground between ASRock’s Taichi and Taichi Ultimate isn’t a Taichi at all! We put its Z390 Phantom Gaming 9 to the test!
AOC Agon AG322QC4 Curved FreeSync 2 Gaming Monitor Review: HDR Accuracy On a Budget
Value-conscious gamers will want to check out the AOC Agon AG322QC4, a 32-inch curved VA panel with QHD resolution, FreeSync 2 and a 144Hz refresh rate. It also has accurate HDR and a wide color gamut.
Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses Hands On: Amazon Alexa, Video & Other Clever Uses
We tried out a pair of Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses, which will be sold to general consumers for the first time starting at $999 later this month. While they're a little chunky, we were impressed by the apps and potential use cases.
Best SSDs 2019: From Budget to Blazing Speed
Based on our extensive lab tests, we recommend the top SSDs for every need and budget.
Best Gaming Monitors 2019: 4K, Budget and More
Here are the best gaming monitors available today, ranging from inexpensive 60-144hz monitors to top-of-the-line 4K panels equipped with G-Sync or FreeSync.
G-Technology G-Drive mobile Pro SSD Review: The New Thunderbolt 3 SSD Champ
G-Technology's Thunderbolt 3 and NVMe external SSD is ready to take the performance crown from Samsung's speedy X5.
CPU Hierarchy 2019: Intel and AMD Processors Ranked
All of today's consumer, desktop CPUs compared, including Intel's 8th Gen Core series and AMD's Ryzen 2.
Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme 11G Review: In A League of its Own
Gigabyte took the best and made it better with its Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme 11G. The card offers higher performance than Nvidia's Founders Edition model, RGB LED lighting, a four-year warranty, and seven display outputs.
Best Memory 2019: Fast, Cheap & RGB
Here are the best performing RAM kits we’ve tested: computer memory that’s ideal for gaming, video editing and graphics-heavy applications.
Best CPU Coolers 2019: Air and Liquid
Here are the best CPU cooling solutions (air and liquid) for a range of systems, from small form-factor builds to overclocked big-rigs.
Best PC Cases 2019: Our Tested Picks for Your New Build
Here are the best cases for custom PC builds. Our recommendations factor in cooling and noise, and many sell for less than $100.
Patriot Memory Viper V765 Keyboard Review: Bright Lights, Superior Switches
The Viper V765’s clicky switches offer a typing experience that’s second to none while its customizable RGB backlights serve a feast for the eyes.
GeIL Super Luce RGB Sync DDR4-4133 Review: Higher Voltage, Lower Price
GeIL offers low-latency DDR4-4133 for only a few more dollars than competing low-latency DDR4-3200. But is 30% faster..30% better?
Monoprice 33822 QHD, 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review: A 32-Inch Steal
Monoprice 33822 is a 32-inch, QHD, frameless gaming monitor with an all-aluminum chassis, 144Hz, FreeSync and a high-contrast VA panel. Recommended for budget gaming rigs.
New PC? Change These Windows Settings Right Away
Microsoft's operating system has some default settings that slow you down. Stop what you're doing and tweak these .
3Doodler Create+ Review: 3D Printing Pen Will Draw You In
The 3Doodler Create+ 3D printing pen is easy and fun to use. However, it can be hard to get a clean look due to some functionality flaws.
Asus ROG Maximus XI Gene Review: Dual Capacity RAM Meets DIMM.2
It’s not cheap and it’s designed for expanded onboard storage plus overclocking. But the Maximus XI Gene packs a lot of new and interesting features.
How to Twitch Stream from Your Windows PC
Fancy broadcasting your gameplay for the whole world to see? Here’s how to get started with Twitch, the popular game streaming platform.
T-Force Night Hawk Legend RGB Review: Choosing A Motherboard For Your DDR4?
Picking memory to match a board should be easy, but what happens when you find that a specific board doesn’t work very well with your memory? We dove deeper.
5 Ways to Build an Audience for Your Twitch Stream
Want to get into streaming? Here’s our top tips for getting an audience.
What Is a VA or SVA Display? A Basic Definition
What is the meaning of VA? Vertical alignment display panels explained.
What Is FOV? A Basic Definition
What is the meaning of FOV? Field of view explained.
Corsair SF450 Platinum SFX PSU Review: Best of the Best
The SF450 Platinum doesn't replace Corsair's 80 PLUS Gold-rated SF450, but rather improves upon it with higher efficiency and better performance.
Razer Blade Stealth Review: Slimmer, With More Muscle
The Razer Blade Stealth is a sleek ultraportable with a nice port selection that’s excellent for productivity and even some light gaming--but it runs too hot.
What Are HBM and HBM2? A Basic Definition
What is the meaning of HBM and HBM2? High bandwidth memory explained.
G.Skill Trident Z Royal DDR4-3200 C14 Review: RAM Goes Luxe
We may never be royal, but we can still enjoy the luxury of gold-plated heat spreaders and crystal RGB light diffusers covering DDR4-3200 at CAS 14 timings.
Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 O8G Gaming Review: Bring Out The Big Guns
Asus' ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 O8G Gaming dares enthusiasts to spend a little more money on a graphics card offering lower temperatures, quieter fans, and extra features.
Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Event: AI-Powered Robots Abound
We visited Nvidia's $370 million Endeavor headquarters to attend the company's Jetson Developer Event.
Scythe Ninja 5 Review: Big Air On The Square
Scythe Ninja 5 – Big n’ quiet air cooling needs more breeze, if you please
ASRock Z390 Taichi Ultimate Motherboard Review: All About the Networking
The Ultimate version of ASRock’s Z390 Taichi adds 10GbE without taking away any of the cheaper version’s integrated networking. Is it worth the cash?
Building a Compact Monster PC: Threadripper Meets Micro-ATX and Custom Liquid Cooling
To find out how powerful and quiet a modern compact PC can be, we dropped an overclocked 2990WX into a mATX case, and liquid-cooled the core components.

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